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AFTER MORE THAN 40 YEARS OF FULL TIME OPERATION, our primary focus is still the same; Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. provides the BEST "Electro Acoustic" sound systems, stage lighting, video projection systems and other electronic communications systems primarily for churches and high schools. Our work draws on the talents of our team members located in two nationwide offices. Alpha's technical and business departments function harmoniously to provide rationally designed systems, installation excellence, and products from manufacturers with a proven history of quality and service.

The term "ELECTRO ACOUSTIC" refers to the blending of room acoustics with sound system electronic equipment to produce quality even sound to each listener in the room. Our technical team is experienced in hundreds of engineering and system integration engagements. We know the requirements for different styles of worship, from Pentecostal to Liturgical. First hand experience, mixing sound and testing almost every type of pro-audio equipment let us find the combinations that work best. Our expert system installers assure the installation is mechanically safe and properly wired in accordance with safe rigging and standard wiring conventions.

The pro-audio equipment products we sell are exceptional values. We select only products that are the most applicable to our customers. The manufacturer must demonstrate high responsiveness to our customers for service and repairs. This means we do not sell every manufacturers gadget. But we do sell a lot of main line pro-audio equipment, stage lighting, and video projection products into system installations and out of our catalog. You are our valued customer, and in turn make ALPHA SOUND & LIGHTING CO. your valued customer of the lead supplying manufacturers! Visit our online catalog web site, www.alphasoundandlighting.com, for pricing, availability, shipping, and general information on our pro-audio, stage lighting and video projectio
n products.

Meet The Team
Meet The Team
Mike Evans - Vice President/Engineering

Mike brings a wealth of experience in professional electronic communications to the table. An engineer, musician, and artist in the gospel music industry, he has engineered, specified, and installed hundreds of church sound systems over the last 30 years with ALPHA Sound & Lighting Co. He is known by equipment suppliers for his uncompromising demands for quality products, and by his customers for his commitment to satisfaction and service. You'll find no disappoinment when you ask Mike to provide and/or service the sound and communication systems at your house of worship.
Kenny Stewart - Project Manager

Kenny is a man with a passion for sound (and fishing) who takes full command of the mechanical and electronic sound and communication system installations. Merging the theoretical engineered system with the actual physical implementation is an art in itself when done properly. And no one does it better than Kenny and his team of installers. You'll find Kenny's quiet, easy-working, confident manner totally pleasing when you hear and see the results of his work on your installation.
Kris Stewart - Installation Supervisor

Kris is an excellent electronic sound and communications system installer. His knowledge of key pro-audio and stage lighting components makes installing and testing pro-audio, stage lighting, and video projection systems quick and easy.
Thea Willard - Office Administrator

Thea Willard is ALPHA's Office Administrator and helps to keep the inner workings of the business running smoothly. Thea is often responsible for customer communication and office organizational support. Thea may be contacted by telephone at 251-675-3358 Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm CST.