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"Nobody was ever sorry they bought the best." It's not likely that the Best Quality Sound will just happen when you build a new auditorium or meeting room. The Best Quality Sound in a new building or an existing one is the result of careful attention to acoustical planning and the precision installation of pro-audio equipment and audio electronics.
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The Best Quality Sound in your new church or institution starts with research, planning, and development of room and/or building acoustics. Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. will work with you and your Building Contractors, Sound Technicians, and Liturgical Committees to determine the best application(s) that will fit your particular needs. We will then help you take the guesswork and problem solving out of determining the correct acoustics and make sure every electrical, mechanical, structural, and aesthetic detail is provided for in your building plans.
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Your existing church building can have the Best Quality Sound too. Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. starts by developing a complete acoustical profile of your room or building. The new acoustical survey usually produces results that are quite often profound and which yield significant cost savings by avoiding false starts and unnecessary equipment. The acoustical surveys help to determine whether the sound problems that exist are from the acoustics of the room/building, the products and/or equipment, the design and configuration of existing systems, or a combination of these situations.
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Our computer age has provided the most advanced technology in history. Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. uses the Best and Latest state-of-the-art computerized engineering and testing equipment to develop The Best Sound Quality in your existing or new church building. At your disposal is our computerized engineering arsenal. You are not limited to the best equipment from only one manufacturer, but rather, you receive all the best designed plans and acoustical surveys using our top-of-the-line computer systems, programs and software from a variety of trusted and well known manufacturers. Thus, when it comes time to planning your environmental acoustics you can believe Alpha does the job right the first time!
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• EXPERIENCE: "There is no substitue for experience." Our 30 years of experience in Pro-Audio Consulting, Contracting, Designing and Installing Church Sound Reinforcement Systems provide a wealth of "know how" that goes beyond the theory to the heart of the practical... and the practical day-to-day use of your sound system is where you need effective results.
• CRAFTSMANSHIP: A concept of "Electro Acoustics" and meticulous attention to details is more than a personal commitment - it is a passion!
• VALUE: "What will it cost?" Or more appropriately, what is the Best Quality Sound worth? It is worth a lot! When messages are present, whether in speech or music, it's worth hearing with clarity and unmistakable quality. There is no room for compromise. Alpha will show you an exceptional value at a cost you'll agree is worth our reasonable and very competitive fees.
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Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. will help you get the BEST packages and performance at the BEST price. Call 251-675-3358 for a "Over the Phone" pro-audio, stage lighting, or video projection system consultation or to learn about some of the many ways Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. can help you design and install the perfect pro-audio, stage lighting, or video projection system.
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Featured Product Learn the Fundamentals of Audio and Acoustics
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Web Forum View Alpha's Discussion Board to read and write about your own system installations...
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