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Question & Answers Are you ready for your system installation? Review our System Installation Check List to verify system requirements... video bar
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AS A SYSTEMS INTEGRATOR, ALPHA SOUND & LIGHTING CO. focuses on providing complete professionally integrated systems into your existing installed system. The integration services will be fully customized to meet the pro-audio, stage lighting, and video projection requirements of your choosing. Our system installers have the knowledge and experience to develop the system you require, from basic system designs to complex engineered integration solutions. We can also integrate a variety of electronic communication turnkey solutions which will effectively announce your message to your congregation and/or group. Alpha's team of expert installers will be involved with the project from planning, to design, to implementation, and completion. Any scheduling issues, design changes, or other project concerns will be addressed as they arise to minimize any delays in the integration process.

Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. will provide a professional evaluation when visiting your facility to determine your system requirements. Once we have determined your requirements, we will layout a plan using specific design standards gathered throughout the planning process. By establishing our reputation on helping clients plan and integrate small and large scale projects, Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. is able to transition from consulting, to design, to integration, and installation with little performance loss. By controlling the processes of system integration for our clients, Alpha Sound & Lighting Co. is able to consistently deliver integrated systems on time and within budget.
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Featured Product Learn the Fundamentals of Audio and Acoustics
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Web Forum View Alpha's Discussion Board to read and write about your own system installations...
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